Why People hate drinking

Why People Hate Drinking

Normally alcohol drinking is associated with cool behavior and having fun by most of the youth today. It is also accepted as a social lubricant. As long as alcohol drinking remains in moderation, things do not get difficult. When an individual crosses the moderate limits, alcohol shows its bad effects. Some people hate drinking due to these bad effects of excess drinking which takes the individual on the downward trip to depression. However, there are some who hate drinking due to taste aversion. drinks to serve a cocktail noob because people perceive alcohol in different ways:

What Is Taste Aversion?

Taste Aversion occurs when the individual suffers from nausea, vomiting or sickness after the ingestion of certain food. In the biological context, this taste aversion is supposed to be a survival mechanism which trains the body to refrain from ingestion of poisonous substances that can affect the body adversely. The connection made by the body between the specific food consumption and resulting sickness prevents the ingestion of that food item in future. But in some cases this connection can be purely coincidental and not food related at all; as the case of getting flu on consumption of bananas can lead to development of taste aversion for bananas. This is known as conditioned taste aversion.

How Does It Work In Context Of Drinking?

There is no conscious attempt on the part of the individual to develop an aversion to any particular taste. In fact, the individual may wish to enjoy the item of consumption but the reflexive reaction of the body prevents him from doing so. This happens in the case of alcohol consumption. The individual may be all set to enjoy the drink in a social setting, he may have a few sips but he can’t go further or he gulps it down with no relish. This occurs due to several reasons. One of it is because of some negative after effects on consumption of alcohol, earlier. Or, it is for no specific reason other than not liking the ‘tingling of lips’ or sensation of ‘burning in the throat’.

Why Does The Burning Sensation Occur?

There were various studies conducted to analyze the reasons for the burning sensation caused by drinking alcohol. It appears that the ethanol contained in alcohol triggers a neural pathway which is also the reason for the burning sensation obtained on eating spicy food items and the same ethanol decreases the temperature for the pain to be triggered.

One solution here is to increase the tolerance to spicy food by increasing its consumption. What if the same is applied in case of alcohol? Ethanol as such induces a series of unpleasant and pleasant flavors to different individuals. How that individual perceives the flavor largely depends on their genes, cultural and social influences and acceptance developed over time. Hence, some people hate drinking.