The ultimate Hamburger and more…

Modernist cuisine isn’t something most people are likely to be able to afford – or rather they are not likely to see the value in it.

But if you were to check out the video in their video vault then perhaps you might be persuaded of the value of it.

Take the example of the perfect hamburger (or rather cheeseburger) my mouth was watering just fro the description!

The idea of perfecting the unctuous texture of the foul American cheese-food but with the taste of a good quality cheese is something that kraft should seriously look into! They don’t give the detail of the recipe but effectively they are taking the modernist components of the cheese slice (sodium hexamate phosphates and carrageen) and combining with a real cheese. I doubt it is as simple as mix and serve – but then again, perhaps it is?

The burger itself can be recreated – take the mince as it comes out of the machine and lay the strands in parallel, then freeze like this – then when solid cut into disks, so that every burger will have short strands of mince running vertically through it.

Cryofrying is the method of cooking – this involves freezing the just cooked burger (cooked sous vide at 53 Celsius) until solid (in liquid nitrogen) and then cooking in this frozen state in hot oil. When you fry it, only the very outside is cooked – leading to a fine layer of intensely browned, caramelized meat but not going deep enough to effect the interior, which can remain juicy. The high heat gives extreme maillard effects without any drying out of the burger.

The whole process takes 36 hours – is that too much effort? Well if you love hamburgers then why not go for the ultimate hamburger?

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