Users of vaporizers appreciate the effect of chemicals – so here is one for you….

If you are an avid lover of chocolates but are always engulfed in a wave of guilt while eating it, then there is some good news for you. The findings of a research indicate that chocolate eaters can have lower BMIs.

But wait a moment; this news is no way a license to eat them indiscriminately; satisfying your craving with small amounts of the dark chocolate variety will alone provide the health benefits. Some of them are:

  • Improves Heart Health

Your chocolate has certain inflammation fighting properties which controls heart health besides reducing ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol and blood pressure.

  • Acts As Stomach Filler

Dark chocolate has got fiber in it and hence it plays an important role in satisfying those in between hunger pangs; individuals opting for a bite of this will do themselves good as they will avoid bingeing on unwanted foods.

  • Diabetes Fighter

Results of an Italian study done in 2005 state that regular eating of chocolate enhances individual’s insulin sensitivity and decreases the risk of diabetes.

  • Hard-To-Shake Cough Silencer

The wonder ingredient in chocolate that does the trick of quieting severe coughs is theobromine which decreases the activity of vagus nerve, the brain center that starts the relentless cough. Investigations are on for replacing the regular ingredient, codeine in cough syrups with theobromine.

  • Skin Damage Controller

Dark chocolate contains flavonoids which protect your skin from ultra violet rays of the sun. However, don’t you forget the sunscreen!

  • Mood Enhancer

Indulging in chocolate uplifts your mood and releases your stress. There is no harm in enjoying this sinful delight once in a way.

  • Improvement In Blood Flow

The blood-thinning and anti-clotting properties of cocoa improve blood circulation. It performs the same function as aspirin.

  • Increases Vigilance

Cocoa’s flavonols boost the blood flow to your brain. This enables people to be more alert and aware of things around them.

  • Reduces Risk Of Stroke

As per results of a study conducted in Sweden in 2011, the chances of a stroke occurring in women reduced if they ate more than 45 grams of chocolate a week as compared to those who ate less than 9 grams of it.

Well, then don’t reach for those snickers right away, instead go for the special dark cocoa thins.

Theobromine  does work right out of a vaporizer and does have the same effect – but without the pleasure of the eating – so for once WHyCook is not suggesting that you pile this one into your volcano vaporizer!