Green Vegetables

use baking soda to keep green beans green. green bean salad. I have a fancy to all foods that are nutritious, with fruits and vegetables topping the list. This is a trait acquired from my mother who used to make appetizing preparations of various vegetables so that I and my brother would develop a liking for them. Hence, I am very particular to ensure that I and my family have consumed our daily quota of colorful vegetables and fruits besides the regular items.

For that I regularly brush up my knowledge by reading all material that keeps me abreast of the latest happenings and discoveries in the field of food and nutrition. The knowledge about green vegetables is age-old but I have realized that it pays to hear about their benefits on and off so that you are always on track.

Green vegetables stand out from the rest due to their striking color which is a result of the green pigment present in them. This powerhouse of nutrients includes cauliflower, cabbage, cucumber, asparagus, mustard greens, spinach, green beans, peas, artichoke etc.

Normally it so happens as it did with me that you too eat green vegetables because you have been told that they are good for your health. But when the ‘getting aware’ streak hit me, I realized that indeed green veggies are the best thing that can happen to anyone’s life. It is bundled with so many nutrients, well; let me get on with it, before I digress again.

The green veggies are equipped with high contents of water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin B, C and vitamins A, K respectively. Minerals such as magnesium phosphorous, calcium and iron abound in plenty in them. Being a high fiber item it is an excellent aid to digestion besides, hold your breath! for here comes the most important benefit of them all—their being one of the best foods in any weight loss program. The negligible fat content in them makes them appealing to all weight watchers who need to consume them in any form possible.

Here, I need to tell you a secret; never let your green veggies get over-cooked. It is best to avoid deep frying too as otherwise this powerhouse of nutrients will not serve its purpose as all its nutrients are destroyed due to these two activities. I feel that the right way to cook them is to steam them; roasting or stir-frying will also do and yes, remember do not boil them too. If you can’t eat them during meal times, you can consume them in the form of salads or juices and presto! Your daily quota is done.

The diabetic people and those on weight loss diet just cannot do away with the green veggies. I feel that if you want a healthy life inclusion of green vegetables which are cooked in the right form is an absolute must.

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