A stitch in time for cooks!

Some Great & Not So Great Cooking Time Saving Tips

I have a passion for food and am a big fan of good and efficient cooks; over the years I have never missed a single opportunity to update my knowledge with respect to right ways of cooking. Basically, I feel it is not difficult for anyone to cook but what makes things difficult is cooking against time without comprising the taste and ensuring a fast clearing of washing pile.

Well, let me share a few grains of my knowledge accumulated over the years to help you to achieve a reasonably good level of fast cooking and clearing. I believe in today’s times with both the partners working, it is essential that both of them learn this art.

I think a few tips should do the trick; so, here we go.(for all those who know this, remember repetition is a great tool for reinforcement)

  1. Plan For The Week

It is advisable that you plan at least roughly what exactly you want to cook for the week ahead of you. I used to be a working mom earlier and had to rush out of home after cleaning, bathing my baby and cooking for our lunch boxes and home. I used to decide an elaborate menu on the days I could be home on time and plan some lighter stuff on those heavy workload days. Maybe, you could do the same.

  1. Shop For Groceries As Per Plan

Once you have a rough plan in place, shop for your groceries and veggies as per your requirements for the week. This helped me to ensure all ingredients were available when I needed them. You can also stock your groceries for the month, once you get a feel of your requirements. Moreover, you can buy known brands of garlic paste, tomato puree from the supermarket as this saves time on them while cooking.

  1. Decide The Menu A Day In Advance

It is useful to plan the menu for the next day, the earlier night. You can also keep things ready for the next day so as to save time. I used to cut the veggies for the next day, the previous night and store them in the right containers. You can also avail of the cut veggies in the supermarkets. But then, I feel this should be for emergency times as cut veggies lose their nutrients if not cooked right away. I thought of a trick to surmount this problem, I just sauté the veggies lightly the previous night to be cooked for the next day.

  1. Be Creative

Never throw excess food. I used to recycle my leftovers to make terrific food items for the next day or the easiest alternative is to pack your lunch boxes with the same menu for the next day.

  1. Use Of Pressure Cooker

A lot of cooking time is saved if you increase the use of pressure cooker in your cooking as food items get cooked very fast in it. I wrap up my entire day’s cooking in about half an hour to an hour with its use. Quite fast, isn’t it!


  1. Keep Your Kitchen Organized

I feel it is a good habit to maintain the decided places of all kitchen items so that you don’t have to waste time hunting for them. Always keep one part of your counter clean so that there is space for working.

  1. Wash Up As You Cook

You should wash up as things get cooked. I feel this is a good practice as it helps to reduce the final cleaning pile.

I think I have covered almost all major aspects of time saving tips while cooking, well then guys hope you become fast cooks and keep those restaurant outings only for occasions.