About Why Cook – this is all about playing with your food – modernist cuisine does not have to be as complicated as they make out!

you could go down the route of splashing out the BIG bucks needed to get Modernist Cuisine The Art and Science of Cooking or you could get a kit for £50 that inspire and lets you play around for a little bit.

I guess a non-cooking analogy would be – if you were a complete surfing novice would you buy a selection of 10 boards and book a flight to Hawaii? or would you get one fairly cheap board that can do a few things, cope in a few conditions and then give you the chance to learn without getting totally drowned by information and techniques.


the world being what it is, then you could also just take advantage of all the information that is available for free on the internet – try this video for a start.

Some people have a passion for cooking that makes them share what they love – so consequently there is no shortage of amateur blogs that have resources for you – probably the best think about them is that they often share the failures as well as the triumphs – wheras a “pro” site is going to make everything look easy isn’t it?

A good place to go and explore to begin with is the Seattle Food Geek written with so much enthusiasm that it really fires you up as you browse! It is perhaps a bit equipment focussed – and maybe it is a boy thing that everything is so GIG and shiny, but in the trials and recipes such as this one here – they really show you a few pointer for what to do to get the best results.

modernist cusisine